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Check out the features of timetable creator online

Discover the robust features of our online timetable creator, designed to streamline your scheduling needs effortlessly. Planwiz's timetable maker empowers you to organize your time efficiently and effectively from customizable layouts to intuitive interfaces. Here are the features you can explore in the Planwiz app:

Template library

Discover Planwiz's versatile library of planner templates. Find templates for daily tasks, long-term projects, and personal goals.

Customization options

Customize planner templates with colors, fonts, and graphics. Personalize templates to match individual preferences and needs

Drag-and-drop interface

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for arranging elements within templates. Easily rearrange sections and components to suit your workflow.

Pre-designed sections

Templates include pre-designed sections for tasks, events, notes, goals, etc. Select templates with sections tailored to specific purposes (e.g., work, study, fitness).

Responsive design

Templates are designed to be responsive and adaptable to different devices and screen sizes. Ensures optimal viewing and usability across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Sharing and collaboration

Share customized planner templates with others. Collaborate on planning projects with team members or friends.

New template releases

Regular updates with new and seasonal templates. Stay inspired with fresh designs for planner templates.

Feedback and suggestions:

Provide feedback on templates to help improve future designs. Suggest new template ideas or themes for consideration.

Tutorial and help resources:

Guidance on using templates effectively for your planning. Access tutorials, tips, and FAQs within the app.

Elevate your app to make a timetable

Enhance your application by incorporating timetable functionality, enabling users to efficiently manage schedules, appointments, or tasks within the app's framework. Let's delve into strategies and tools to elevate your timetable app capabilities, making it a go-to solution for seamless scheduling and planning.


Discover creative timetable templates & customize

Clean Daily Hourly Schedule Planner
Clean Daily Hourly Schedule Planner
Weekly Hourly Timetable Planner
Weekly Hourly Timetable Planner
Daily Hourly Schedule Planner
Daily Hourly Schedule Planner
Today's Hourly Schedule Planner
Today's Hourly Schedule Planner
Hourly Weekly Schedule Planner
Hourly Weekly Schedule Planner
Simple Staff Hourly Schedule Planner
Simple Staff Hourly Schedule Planner
Weekly Hourly Schedule Planner
Weekly Hourly Schedule Planner

How to Make a Timetable Online


Download a timetable app:

Open the Apple app store, search for "Planwiz" and install the app.


Choose template:

Access the available templates for the timetable. These templates come in different styles, layouts, and themes and also come in various formats like daily, weekly, or monthly views.


Customize layout:

Customize your timetable template by the layout to tailor it to your specific needs. You can adjust the color scheme, font size, and overall design to make it visually appealing and easy to read.


Add details:

Fill in your timetable with important details such as your classes, work schedule, appointments, and any other commitments you have.


Utilize features:

Take advantage of the features offered by the Planwiz app to enhance your timetable. Set reminders, add notes, and categorize your tasks for better organization.


Review and edit:

Review your timetable regularly to make sure it accurately reflects your schedule. Make any necessary edits or adjustments as needed.


Save or export:

Once satisfied with your personalized timetable, save it within the Planwiz platform or export it in your preferred format, i.e. PDF, PNG, or JPEG.


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An online timetable maker is a digital tool that allows users to create schedules or timetables for various purposes, such as organizing daily tasks, planning study sessions, or managing work shifts. It offers a convenient way to structure and visualize time commitments.

Using a timetable generator online can help users efficiently manage their time, avoid double booking, and maintain a clear overview of their commitments. It also enables easy modification and sharing of schedules with others, fostering collaboration and coordination.

Yes, our timetable maker offers pre-designed templates tailored for various needs such as school timetables, fitness routines, meal plans, and more. These templates provide users with a convenient starting point for creating their schedules quickly.

Yes, our online timetable creator provide tutorials, guides, or faqs on their websites to assist users in navigating the platform and utilizing its features effectively. Additionally, online communities and forums may offer tips and tricks for optimizing scheduling workflows.

Yes, Planwiz has many features for example, a drag-and-drop interface, a library of templates, adjustable font sizes and colors, Responsive design, and customizable gestures to accommodate users with disabilities or special requirements.

Are you ready to get experience with a daily timetable?

With Planwiz, you can customize your timetable to suit your needs. Our Planwiz platform is easy to use and has lots of helpful features. Get ready to experience increased productivity and satisfaction with our intuitive daily timetable maker tool.